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Master Herbalist - Dawn Collins Health Blog

February 2019

CBD OIL - So Whats the craze????

CBD oil can help with pain, appetite, mood, memory, immune system response, acne and sleep!!! Now that's worth talking about!!!

CBD will not cause you to experience a euphoric high. It is completely non-psychoactive. It comes from the Hemp plant, and comes in tinctures, liquids, topical, vape, spray and edibles. All companies are not the same!!! It needs to be Certified Organic and triple lab tested.

How does it work?

It activates the CB2 receptor. This receptor is present mainly in the immune system and is responsible for controlling processes such as inflammation.

Questions as to which is right for you???? Come in and see me!!!

Earthly Blessings LLC
Dawn Collins MH

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December 2016

The Herbgals favorite herb!!

Winter is approaching along with bronchitis, pneumonia and sinus infections. These are my favorite things to treat coming from a Respiratory Therapist background! My favorite herbal medicine is along with other treatments aide your body in restoring health from these tough viruses.

It's called Mullein and I make a very sweet, tasteful decoction to help you do just that!
Mullein is and expectorant, so it helps you cough up all that fluid while its toning and healing the mucus membranes.

Mullein also reduces inflammation and is and anti- spasmodic.

Shedule your appointment today along with your adjustment and naturally heal those flu and viruses away!

Schedule an appointment today with our Master Herbalist and see how to gain help naturally!

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April 2015

The Herbgals Health Spring Tips

Well it's that time again! What time you say?? Time to detoxify our bodies after a long winter of squirreling! What is squirreling you ask???? Well it's being cooped up all winter with no sunshine but a lot of food!!! Just like you give your house a spring cleaning we need to be doing that to our bodies. God knew this before we did and He was kind enough to put spring tonic herbs at our fingertips.

The one that I'm going to talk about today is Stinging Nettle. Nettle leaves contain iron, silicon, calcium, sulfur, sodium, copper, manganese, chromium and zinc. They also contain Vitamin A,C,D,E,F,and P. They are also rich in Chlorophyll. Most people consider it an annoying weed. Not me, I have a special place in my garden for these beauties!!!

So you will need gloves to do your picking. Nettles have very sharp stingers that cause itching. The stinging disappears after cooking and it makes a very good potherb. It is also tasty with a little EEVO and garlic. So get a handful of pesticide free leaves and add them to your distilled boiling water, then turn off the heat and steep for 20 minutes. Strain out the leaves and you have a beautiful green tea. Add some raw honey if you like it sweet. Then put your feet up and sip it down. The extra bonus is it's absolutely free!!

Now if you don't have access to Nettles I have some great detoxification products right here and they will do a great job. It's even better to do both! You can pick them up when you get your spring tune up with Dr. Collins

Schedule an appointment today with our Master Herbalist and see how to gain help naturally!

Call Now at 763.785.1448

December 2014

The Herbgals Health Winter Tips

Now that winter is upon us we need to work on keeping our immune systems healthy. That way we are prepared and are able to ward off all those nasty viruses. Here are some Herbal tips to help you do that.

1) Try to eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. Sugars and empty calories including corn syrup will lower your immune system. Stay away from processed foods!

2) Supplement your diet with Vitamin D. We get our Vitamin D from sunshine and in the winter it is pretty hard to do! Vitamin D keeps your immune system functioning and also helps with seasonal depression.

3) When symptoms of a cold start, gargle in cayenne. Take a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne and add it to 1 cup of water. Keep it by your sink and gargle in it often.

4) Slice fresh garlic and adhere it to the bottom of your foot with a band aid. change it after 12 hours. Garlic has natural antiviral and antibiotic properties. If something stronger is required I make garlic syrup for any type of infection.

5) Get adjusted it helps keep your immune system stay strong and Dr. Collins sinus work gets those sinuses draining!

If your symptoms are not getting better I have many remedies to get you through the winter.

FlewAway: Supports immune function, removes harmful organisms and relieves discomfort.
Echinacea and Golden Seal Blend: Kicks up the Immune system.

Throat and Gland: Supports immune response and promotes lymphatic drainage.
S-Clear: Supports nasal and sinus health, controls histamine response function and relieves discomfort.

Garlic Syrup: For anti viral and antibiotic purposes.
Mullein Decoction: Expectorant and healing properties for all respiratory conditions safe for babies and children even with pneumonia.

We also have a range of 'Essential oils to help as expectorants and antiseptics.
Essential oils are very effective with Respiratory symptoms.

Schedule an appointment today with our Master Herbalist and see how to gain help naturally!

Call Now at 763.785.1448